Dreamschooled is my business. Hi. I’m Kyja Wilburn. I’m based in Asheville, NC and have a degree in Critical Education Studies from The University of North Carolina Asheville. The myth I tell about myself is that I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I first met a teacher. It feels true. So, it has been pretty hard dealing with the fact that I don’t really want to be a traditional classroom teacher anymore. My partner likes to remind me that we are all students and teachers always… I’m figuring out what that means for me. Dreamschooled is alot of things (Yes, “alot.” English evolves.) I have big, unwieldy dreams. I unapologetically live in a dreamworld. I get stuff done here.

I’m interested in how more people can be involved in DIY and cooperative education, so I write about it at Oyaya. I am in love with the beautiful and rare educational supplies, like beeswax for modeling and excellent books with multicultural characters, so I am considering starting a business that sells such supplies. I have a million and one ideas for educational programs and about a decade of experience as an educator that I am ready to share with the world. I have ideas for my own books, apps, events… and dreamschooled encompasses all of this. Thank you for visiting!

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