What does oyaya mean?

In the Yoruba religion, Oya is the orisha or goddess of wind and change. In the Yoruban language Oyaya means joy. Although I am not a practitioner or adherent of Yoruba, I feel a connection to it. I’m a Black American woman with ancestry in West Africa of which I do not know the details. For that reason and also because human beings originated in Africa, the spiritual traditions of the African, particularly West African, diaspora are deeply important to me. 

This blog is about the dream that every human being be able to learn what and how they desire. The profound and whirling change that Oya represents is just the kind of change that is needed to make this dream real. And then joy – oyaya; when we successfully learn what and how we desire and when we facilitate the access of others to learn what and how they desire that is true joy. 

As I understand it, Oya enjoys egglant and creates hurricanes. This is why I’ve used the colors eggplant, blue, aqua and sand here.

** Please, if you feel I am misrepresenting Oya or the Yoruba religion, share your feelings with me.**

Oyaya – DIY and Cooperative Education For ALL is dedicated to sweeping education toward equity, joyfully. 

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